Room Box (1:12 scale)

 Hair Salon 1925
  Maternity 1892
  Tutus Workshop
  Streetside Food Stall (A)
  Streetside Food Stall (C)
  Getting Ready for Supper
  Busy Day
  Fish Market 
  Good Morning Miss   
  The Ballet Shop  
  Open Market 
  Day Care Centre Concerto
  Dried Meat Store
  Beach Scene
  Streetside Food Stall (B)
  Streetside Food Stall (D)
  Thai Kitchen
  Homemade Pastries   
 Chinese Family Room  
Gone with the Wind   
  Having Fun in Baby Sister's Room 
  Teresa at Her Work Table           
  The Doll Shop                            

Mini Scene  (1:12 scale)

  Best of All
  Airplane Ride 
  Grandma Hears A Tiger 
  Sweet Sixteen Summer 
  The Next Happy Couple 
  Parade Day 
  Those Days 
 The Optimist
  Lost in the Oldies
  The Portrait
  The King and the Queen
  Santa and His Helper
  Watching Baby
  Flower Stall
  30 Hawker Food Stalls
  Wendy and Her Wardrobe
 Bakery Shop      
  Packing Woes   
  Japanese Grocery Store  
  The Butcher
  Saturday Miracle 
  Carpenter's Desk (2) 
  Bamboo Basket Stall 
  A Fresh Breeze
 Torch Song
 Hero of the House  
  Look, Grandma
  Family Portrait
  Sweet Elderly Couple
  Lady in Bed
  Baking in Process
  Go Gardening
  Shoe Making
  Offering to the Gods
  ........Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z.......
  Flour Mill  
  Painter's Desk     
  Family Outing   
  Carpenter's Desk 
  Last Minute Decision            
  Say "Cheese"               
  On a Lazy Sunday Afternoon 
  Rain Dance                                   
Reading a Tale             
 Gold Fish Stall              
Grocery Stall                
Handbag - New Arrival                       

        Mini Scene  (1:24 scale)  

  Sweet Lady's Bed Room
  Bridal Wall Decoration  
  Stationary Shop
  Western Style Bathroom
  Micro Wardrobes                    

     Mini Scene  (1:48 scale)  

  Micro Baby Clothings Shop
 Micro People